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Mouse RADAR Innovative Humane Mouse Trap

The World’s Smartest Mousetrap

Problems with mice? Let RADAR take care of them. RADAR stands for Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance – which describes exactly what it does. We identify rodent runs, then simply lay mouse pest control RADAR boxes along them. When a mouse enters the box pressure-sensitive pads detect their presence and close the doors. A measured dose of carbon dioxide is released – killing the rodent quickly and humanely, with no toxins going into the environment. There’s no danger of contamination from pesticides or from the corpse because it is completely isolated – and the clever little device can even send an electronic alert or e-mail to notify operatives of the capture.

Image of Mouse RADAR

RADAR has been taking the pest control industry by storm – winning awards as the most innovative new product of the year in 2005. As RADAR was developed by Rentokil Pest Control only our customers can enjoy its considerable mouse pest control benefits:

  • Effective perimeter detection and eradication of mice
  • Stops problems before they start
  • Can provide electronic monitoring and audit trail
  • Easy for our technicians to service with no disruption to your business.


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