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Rat RADAR – The Smart New Method of Rat Pest Control

The Smart New Method of Rat Pest Control

Rats. Nobody wants them around. Rentokil’s new Rat RADAR gets rid of rats in a smarter, cleaner, more humane way than ever before. RADAR stands for Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance – which describes exactly what it does. Launched in 2006, Rat RADAR is the big brother to the award-winning Mouse RADAR.

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As soon as a rat enters the RADAR unit, the pressure-sensitive pads detect its presence – and automatically close the doors. The unit then releases a measured dose of carbon dioxide into the sealed chamber – killing the rat quickly and humanely with no release of toxins. RADAR can then cleverly send an email or text message notifying the capture and extermination.

RADAR is a major innovation in the battle against rats. It can be used in any interior location – providing an early warning system for both the detection and prevention of rats. Its “green” pesticide kills effectively and humanely, with no damage to the environment. It also eliminates the risk of contamination from toxic baits or dead rats by keeping everything sealed up tight. RADAR allows for the control of rats in high-risk areas where conventional baits cannot be tolerated. It can also be managed and serviced by our staff with minimal disruption to your operations.


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